Saturday, May 25, 2013

Teens & Exploring Spirituality

I think that during your pre-teen and teen years it's natural to start deciding what you believe. It's a time of self-discovery and naturally spirituality is a part of that. However there is conflict when a parent doesn't agree with exploring alternative religions. I think every Pagan has been there. We are contacted by a young 14+ something teen who is hiding his or her beliefs from their parents. They beg us to help them.

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I feel a bit sorry for the teen who has to hide just to practice his or her faith. I was never in a situation where exploring alternative religions was taboo. If I wanted to have an altar in my room that was fine. If I wanted to go to a Pagan gathering, as long as it was chaperoned, it was all good. I was one of the lucky ones. I had a mother who was more open to alternative thinking.

Not everyone is so lucky, and so I've been there when I had to decline teens the help they seek. It's not that I couldn't help or didn't want to. As long as they were being true and not just seeking attention or rebelling, I wanted to help them learn. However I can't go against a parents wishes. This is why I will always deny anyone under 18 religious counsel. It's also why I do not share many rituals (except for, A Year & A Day).

If you were exploring religion as an adolescent, were your parents supportive or did you have to hide?

What did your parents say when you finally told them about your Pagan beliefs?


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