Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Dreams...More Wierdness.

So the other day I talked about a weird dream I had. I didn't know the meaning of the dream and still don't. However last night I had another dream, but there is always a re-occurring theme. I dream about fish - carnivorous fish to be exact.

It's always my job to take care of the fish tank they are contained in. However they often escape the tank. In the past the fish were "swimming in air", or they'd grow legs and walk. This time the fish were just hopping on the floor.

The species of fish vary often. Tonight it was an Oscar fish. Now I've owned this type of fish in the past. I had a 200 gallon aquarium with an Oscar fish named Psycho. Psycho earned his name well. I'd give him feeder fish once or twice a week. The thing is, he didn't just eat the fish. He would hunt them. His favorite game was "scare the ever loving daylights out of them". He'd come up behind them, bump them on the belly and make the fish swim away as fast as they could. Then when they got too tired to run he'd chomp the heads off and leave the body for me to clean up. Again, I say he earned the name Psycho!

But back to the dream. This Oscar fish was in the tank at first and I had to clean it. I wasn't looking forward to sticking my arm in there. For some reason I felt he'd chomp it off. Then I noticed that the fish had jumped into another tank where he was eating all the docile fish. So I had to catch him and put him back in the other tank. He kept running away from my net though.

So then he jumps on the floor and starts going after my toes. I couldn't get a hold of him. I wake up then so I have no idea if he ate my toes or not.

The fish dreams are never the same, yet it's always fish in aquariums. The species of fish change, but the majority of them are carnivorous. Some species I've dreamt don't even exist in real life. If you hadn't guessed I suck at dream interpretation.

So what could fish dreams mean?


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