Monday, May 27, 2013

Honoring Ancestors Through Media

So in my last post I pondered the question of media on the Internet and our descendants.  Hopefully in the many years to come we will still have the Internet, and then there comes the point where we have media stored from generations past.

Today I'm honoring my ancestors.I would want my own descendants to know that I have worked to create a better future by improving myself, my surroundings, and instilling the morals I believe will carry us into a better future. I would want my children to know that I love them and will look over them. I'd have them know me, not just for the dates of major events in my life, but the small details that make up who I am. In generations past we did this through stories past down from father to son. Yet so often those stories are lost, changed, or simply forgotten. That is why the Internet is going to change the way the new generation will connect with their past. Never before have we been able to look back 200+ years and see a video of our ancestor alive and well.

How do you think our social media will change future generations? 

Will they trace their ancestry through social media? 

What would you say to the generations that follow?


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