Monday, May 27, 2013

In Honor of Memorial Day: Family Tree

Today I've spent a large portion of my day researching my family history. I use to do this all the time. I'd get info on one ancestor, that opened up more information on another ancestor and before I knew it I had 20+ new people on my family tree. I just love that!

Ancestry.com gives you the option to pay for their service, but there are plenty of free websites also. Find A Grave.com is a great service. I've been comparing Find A Grave's information to my info on Ancestry.

Since today is Memorial day, I think it's fitting that I found a lot of war veterans in my family tree.

The Smiley Family was awarded an armorial ensign, by the Crown of England, based upon the courage exhibited by Thomas in battle. The motto translates as "Valor in Arms" or "Virtue with Power".
          The first war vet I found today began with Thomas Smiley, my 9th Great Grandfather.
Birth 1660 in South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Death 1689 in Londonderry County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Thomas was a Williamite Defender during the Siege of Derry.  He died during battle and was awarded an armorial ensign by the Crown of England. Thomas had three sons - William, John (My 8th g-grandfather), and Francis - who sailed to America and served in the Revolutionary War.

Of course I found a lot of weird, funny, and sat facts as well. For one, couldn't they think of other names besides William, John, Francis, and Mary? When they did think of unique names, could they not think of something better - Archibald?! Really?

Then there are the infant deaths. So sad. :( Of course there's the large families. Two brothers had 9 children each.

And the discoveries that they were a bit naughty, such as a birth less than 9 months after the marriage. Hello hanky panky. ;)

I found a few who married their 1st cousins. That was pretty common really but the website always alerts you when that happens.

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Anyway, as I was going through this info and adding it in I began to wonder, in 100 years, is my descendants going to be adding facts about my life and death and wonder what kind of person I was? Because of this blog and other social media, will it be possible to actually get to know me through Youtube, Facebook and other media outlets? What will they think? Once digital information is out there it is rarely lost. Unless some mass deletion or apocalypses that crashes the entire Internet, I think what we put out there will (or at least could) last many lifetimes. Perhaps I'll make a video talking to my descendants and tell them a bit about me, and what I want to manifest that will change their way of life.

Have you created your family tree? 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone! 

Donald K Smith. WW2 Veteran and my grandfather. Me pictured right.

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