Thursday, May 23, 2013

PBP: Fate & Destiny

Prompt: Fate / Destiny

"Everything happens for a reason."
"What goes around comes around."
The Threefold Law

These are the things we hear about every day, in good times and bad.  But is everything pre-planned, and everything we experience for a greater lesson?  Or do we decide our own fate with our choices?  Take these questions into consideration while writing your blog entry this week.

I look forward to seeing what every one's views are on this one.
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Everything Happens For A Reason
I say, "everything happens for a reason" often. I truly believe that it does. But this idea pisses a lot of people off. I get where they are coming from. It seems abhorrent that a child or loved one would die just to teach us a lesson. Take the recent tornado tragedy. Is there a reason the tornado targeted Oklahoma and not some other place? In my opinion, yes. Those that died were meant to die. Their deaths forever changed the people who cared and loved them. Now that change can be for good, or it can be for ill. That is THEIR choice. 
Take for instance a mom who loses her child from cancer. That mom can go on to help raise awareness about childhood cancer and change many lives. Or she could wallow in pain and never do anything with her life - her choice. We can either learn from our experiences or let those experiences batter our psyche so much that we lose ourselves to pain.  
Is everything pre-planned, and everything we experience for a greater lesson? Or do we decide our own fate with our choices?
I don't believe everything is pre-planned. I do believe we have the choice to avoid positive or negative situations. Take for instance an Oklahoma resident who happened to choose to go on vacation just before the storms. They would have chosen to avoid the tornado that ripped their house apart. Our choices are like ripples in water. Each choice sets off different ripples that creates an inevitable result.  
What Goes Around Comes Around 
Karma is something I very much believe in. I remember in second grade our teacher had a saying painted high up on the walls that read, "Do unto others as you would have do unto you." She preached every week about being nice to others and if you wasn't, to expect others to not be nice to you. This is sort of the same thing. What you put out returns to you. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but eventually it will come back to you. As someone who understands how energy works, this is just one of those basic laws of energy you can't ignore. Energy is never-ending. It's a circuit and will come back to you. 


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