Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And were OFF

It's Wyatt and Mommy at the starting gate. Wyatt is a spirited young stud and he's pawing and scooting around while Mommy is an older mare and couldn't care less what the young man is doing.

And were OFF.

It's mommy and Wyatt neck and neck as we round the couch end turn. Then it's Wyatt as he giggles gleefully and heads toward the computer cords. But wait, mommy put on a burst of speed and foiled Wyatt's move.

Now it's Wyatt heading toward the invisible spot in the carpet. He's got a wad of hair but Oh no mommy grabs it from him.

And now we have Wyatt who watches mommy slyfully as he grabs the diaper pail. But Daddy swoops in from nowhere and baby is foiled again.

And Wyatt is off, this time heading to the rocking hair bend as he grabs the seat and wait.. He pulls himself up! Holy cow I've never seen a baby take off so fast. Oh no, he's let go and fallen down but don't worry mommy is there to pick him up.

And there you have it folks Mommy saves the day with her nummie maker soothies.  lol


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