Sunday, April 8, 2012

PBP: Inner Peace

Going simple this week.....

What is it?
How do you achieve it?

Keep in mind, every one's answers will be different, that's what makes us human after all... So please, visit your fellow bloggers' posts with an open mind and heart.

Well I think the first sentence has it right. Keep it simple to achieve inner peace! Inner peace to me is figuring out what you absolutely need in life and weed out the rest of life's clutter. So I may really have liked that old high school friend, but if she only ever brings drama into my life, she's not worth the friendship to me anymore. I know a lot of people believe you should stick with a person through thick and thin no matter what. But if that person becomes toxic to me, they just have to go. I'm sorry, but this is my life and I love myself enough to know my happiness must come first.

De-stress. If you can't change it, don't worry about it. Give the problem up to the Lord & Lady and let them worry about it. If you can't or won't do that, at least take life one day at a time. Take steps to reduce your stress such as yoga and meditation.

Make one day a week all about pampering yourself. Or if your married, pampering each other! In our lives we get so busy with what we have to do that we forget to make time for what we want to do. I know our finances have a lot to do with this as well. Put aside a fund for entertainment. Don't short change yourself! All that hard work means nothing if you don't get to play once in awhile. Just because your a grown up doesn't mean you have to stop playing like a child. You just have to learn to balance responsibilities with playtime.

Be creative! Well duh! This is like Salem's advice 101. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project. Find a hobby you enjoy. Even if you know nothing about how its done, take classes, search the Internet for tutorials, find some way to learn!

That brings me to another point, never stop learning! Do research. Even if its just a random word in your Google search bar. I find it fun to search for odd things like Sasquatch or learn about history. You'll be amazed at what you can find out there!

And a good old fashioned walk in the park or woods certainly puts me at peace! :)

Blessings, Love & Light



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