Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do You Consider Pagans Conservative or Liberal?

Some recent events has made me re-evaluate some assumptions and stereotyping I've made about Pagans. I know, you can't generalize any group and have a true view of that groups dynamic. Were all individuals and we vary so much in beliefs. But I've always considered Pagans to be more liberal and/or accepting of others. I'm not just talking politically either. I'm talking about life choices such as parenting styles, sexuality, and various other taboo topics.

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In your opinion, do you think Pagans are more conservative or liberal? 

Do you consider yourself to be conservative or liberal? 

 I'm definitely more liberal. I don't care what kind of parenting style you have as long as its not harmful to the child and it works for you. I don't care what your sexuality is as long as its not harmful to others and is consenting. I understand some tenants of Republicans and respect their opinion while also respectfully disagreeing. I've always thought that if we are going to live in a society that is close nit, we need to work together to help the whole and not just out to help ourselves.

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