Friday, April 20, 2012

Only My Daughter

Today all of us went to the YMCA. Just Sierra (my daughter) and me were swimming. Father and son played out in the hall and watched. I noticed when Sierra got close that she had makeup on. This wouldn't have been a problem if I also didn't know that she hadn't had time to put it on after school before we left the house. So I ask her, "When did you put eyeshadow on?" She told me on the bus. Her friend had some. Hmmm. My detective mommy brain goes into suspicion mode. So I asks, before school or after school? Well of course she said in the morning. We have a rule in this house. She's allowed to wear makeup only at home. My mother had the same rule when I was my daughters age. When Sierra is in 6th grade then she'll be allowed to wear makeup (tastefully) at school. Sierra is only 10 and in 4th grade.

After giving the speech about doing wrong and when she can were makeup at school, she starts asking if she could please please please wear makeup at school because everyone else does. No my darling dear. I know you really want to, but no you may not!

But I had to smile. I remember when I was her age. Oh  yes dear daughter, I know all the tricks of the trade. I wore makeup before my mother was ready to see it on me too.

And then she does another thing that reminds me she's my daughter. Getting ready to leave the YMCA, she's in the bathroom stall next to me and I hear a plop and then she starts crying. Somehow, someway, she fell off the toilet seat. Silly silly girl. It's probably my fault she's so clumsy. I was too at her age. She's ok, just has a sore bottom. But I couldn't stop myself from laughing a little.

I've come to realize that motherhood has turned me into a prude. There was a young couple kissing and hugging and otherwise doing "young love" kind of things. I saw my daughter watching them and suddenly I wanted that couple to stop. I've never been uncomfortable with public displays of affection. Hell I was that couple when I was young! And doing much more naughty stuff than that couple was doing. But thinking of my daughter who will be a teen in just a few short years, I'm ready to embrace my mommy prudish morals!


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