Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Charging for Psychic Readings

Today I came across a negative comment about a psychic charging for her services. I know there is a lot of opinions about whether psychics are real and whether the ability to do psychic readings should be considered a gift or a service. This post is of course just my opinion, so your going to have to decide for yourself. Bottom line is this, no one forces you to get a psychic reading.

When you go to a psychic you should be completely aware that not all psychics are created equal. The "quality" of your reading will depend on several factors such as the psychics personal ability, training, and even what's going on in the readers life at the time. Many psychics find it difficult to do readings if they are ill or there is something distracting going on in their life. A good reader will recognize when they are not up to doing a good reading and refuse to provide this service until the problem is solved.

In regards to charging for a reading, many people when they see psychics charging automatically assume a psychic is just out to get your money and that their a charlatan. Well if they are charging hundreds of dollars this might be true. But let me ask you this, would you like to be charged for a service you provide? I'm sure you would. Psychics spend their time and energy to find the answers for you. They are just the conduit to the spirit world. That energy flow is exhausting, especially when the psychic is doing a psychic fair. Bottom line is its a service. One that you are not forced to buy. So if your against paying for a reading, don't. But don't automatically assume just because someone charges a small fee for a reading that they are frauds. At the very least consider it time spent with a friendly ear who is willing to let you vent your problems and weigh in on what you can do about it. You pay a lot more for a therapist!


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