Friday, April 27, 2012

No Follow Through

So yesterday I talked about the financial gain candle magick I did. My husband had gotten a phone call for a job interview. He was interviewed over the phone and unfortunately they said he "isn't qualified" because we live so far away. Shouldn't it be our business whether its worthwhile to drive a certain distance to get to a job? And isn't it enough that we've explained that drive would be temporary since once he got the job we'd look for housing closer? How are we suppose to get ahead of no one will give us a chance?

Here we are, on state assistance. We are doing our best to get off of it. We are doing the job searches, DH works so we get cash assistance at Goodwill. Which btw is little more than slave labor. If you miss even one day they take the cash and food stamps away for an entire month. I personally think if they want you to work they should treat it like a job. No employer would get away with taking your whole paycheck away for one day of missed work!

But anyway. I was very bummed yesterday. As the day progressed I just kept getting angrier and angrier until I had to reach out to a fellow Pagan momma and let her talk me of an edge. Because I was seriously thinking of doing a bad witchy magick against DH's ex-boss. He was fired unjustly and I know I should forgive and forget and let Karma do her thing. But its so hard. Especially when DH seems to be unhirable by anyone.

We really need to move closer to jobs for better opportunities. But without money to do that (and we can't get state housing) its just not possible. I need a magical break! I'm trying any mundane and magical way I can. So far all my attempts fail. Maybe we are suppose to be here. I don't know. I know my mother wishes we'd move back to Kentucky. But going backward is not the answer. We are meant to be in Ohio. Even after all this, I still believe that.


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