Monday, May 21, 2012

The Reluctant Viking by Sandra Hill

By now most of my regular readers probably know I'm a sucker for sappy romances. So when my daughter and I took a trip Friday to the public library I found this gem in its romance section. Most historical romances deal with 1800 England or Native Americans. Nothing wrong with those settings, but I find anything dealing with characters older than the 1800's can get a little...bossy. Male chauvinist pig was used quite a few times in Sandra Hills book, and rightly so! That's why I have a love/hate relationship with characters that are apart of a society I'd probably hate if I actually had to live in their time. When writing my own romances I try to avoid these characters because I just don't see them as very lovable. I suppose everyone has their tastes, but I'm a stubborn woman. If a man tried to force his seduction on me, I'd see it as rape. I'd sooner cut off his balls than allow him to seduce me. I suppose that's not very romantic is it. lol.

But on to the book review.

Ruby is a modern woman with a problem. Her marriage of 20 years has just broken up. When she selects one of her husbands meditation CD's to relax and think, she goes on a time-traveling journey to 925 A.D in the Viking city of Jorvik. There Ruby meets Thork, who is the doppelganger to her husband Jack. Ruby takes this new Viking specimen of her husband as a sign to re-do her life and make her marriage work. Along the way she has to convince Thork that she is his soul mate. The Reluctant Viking teaches us to slow down and appreciate life, because there may not be a tomorrow, and there are no do overs in real life.

If you like overbearing oafs who eventually realize how wonderful loving a good woman can be, I highly recommend you buy The Reluctant Viking, or check it out at your local library.


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