Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

A year ago today I was terrified and laid out like a suckling pig on the surgery table allowing a near stranger to cut me open. But it was all for a good cause. Wyatt Eldon Carpenter was born at 9am on May 18th 2011 via c-section. Happy 1st birthday to my little man! Also, a big congrats to myself for successfully breastfeeding for one year! :) It was a rough start but we finally made it through. (And we won't be weaning).

Here's a picture journey through the year.

The Beginning

September 8th 2010. Were pregnant!
Our Little bean. DH swears he saw the face of Gene Simmons in this picture. I think its just wishful thinking.

36 weeks pregnant. Huge and hoping it ends soon.
4D ultrasound. I got a lot of ultrasounds because Wyatt was HUGE and didn't want to come out.
41 weeks 2 days pregnant. Day before c-section.

The Birth

Our first moments. Welcome to the world my little man!
Sister gets to meet little bro.
Wyatt Eldon. 10.1 lbs and 23 inches long

Daddy & Wyatt meet for the first time.

Baby Grows

First day home.

Thumbs up mom. I look cool!
Where's mom daddy?

The whole family.

First toy! Meet Mortimer the moose.

My handsome little man.


He stole my baby blues!

The rest looks like all daddy.

Grandma knows how to have fun.

Enjoying a little down time with mom.


Grandpa and Baby man helps with the Christmas lights.

What's the flashy thing mom?

Cousin Joe came to visit.

This is the life right here. So comfy!
The birthday party will be this Saturday so the grandparents can be here. Rest assured there will be lots of birthday pictures posted later. Enjoy these for now.


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