Saturday, May 26, 2012

Its Just a Bell

In my car I have a pentacle with bells on it hanging from my mirror. I use it as my protection charm. Every time it rings I consider it a message that the Lord and Lady has protected myself and car from danger.

My daughter was playing with it yesterday and I reminded her that spiritual things are not toys and shouldn't be played with. Then she responded with, how is it more than just a bell?

Well I went through the whole speech about it being a spiritual protection symbol. She thought about that for a few minutes and then said, "You know mom its just a bell, it can't protect you."

I have such a literal child. I know she's only 10, but when it comes to all things spiritual she seems more atheist than anything. I've always believed in allowing children to make up their own mind. But while she was younger we kept our religious practices separate from her. I just didn't want her to go repeating what she saw at school and be made fun of, or worse you hear horror stories of teachers calling home asking questions.I also didn't want to brainwash or influence her decision too much.

Maybe I should have been more open. Maybe I should have included her from the start. I don't know. But I do hope eventually she will start to question it more. She has participated a few times and enjoyed it. She loves when I do a ritual and can help me.

Do you believe in allowing children to find their own path or do you raise them as (insert your religion here)?


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