Friday, May 11, 2012

One is The Magic Number

Warning: If you have a queasy stomach or have a problem talking about poop, you don't want to read. 

So my darling child who has an angelic face with a beautiful smile has learned a new way to annoy mommy. You know its so interesting the way you can see little similarities in your children. They really affirm that they are your children and the hospital didn't mix them up! Not that I was worried about that, but I think switched at birth haunts all mommies.

I look up from my computer yesterday because baby man was being too quiet. Its always a bad sign when a child is being quiet in my opinion. So I look up and he's actually behaving. He's just standing there watching me. But then I look down, and I see a little man worm that should be covered up! "Holy moly where did that diaper go?!" was my first thought. My second thought was, "I hope it wasn't poopy again!". I was unfortunately disappointed. Though surprised he hadn't made a bigger mess. I think he'd just taken it off. But I grabbed him and like a military leader instructing her troops, I told hubby to clean up the baby while I tackled the playpen. Of course by this time baby man is happily streaking through the house naked. Maybe he wants to practice rituals skyclad? lol Either way he was very happy to be rid of that cumbersome diaper. So happy in fact he took it off again this morning.

My daughter did a similar thing when she was about one yr old also. Except she was much worse. She was in her crib and had taken it off sometime in the middle of the night. She had poop all over the wall, on her crib, in her hair, on her hands and yes, even in her mouth. YUK. I don't gag at the sight or smell of many things, but I did that day. They are definitely sister and brother. One day when I'm old and grey I'm sure I'll laugh happily as I embarrass my children with tales of their poopy adventures. But for now, this mommy is just hoping not to have a repeat of yesterday.

And speaking of One, Wyatt has a birthday coming up on the 18th. I can't believe he's almost 1 yr old! Time fly's when your having fun.

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