Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Pictures

Well my pretties I've had my head in a book most of the weekend. The other day my daughter wanted something to do so we took a trip to the public library. You know I just couldn't walk out of there with at least 5 things to read.

We had Wyatt's birthday party on Saturday. He seemed to really enjoy it. He had a smash cake, which immediately got smashed to pieces. I can see it was well named. lol

I've been thinking about what's next for writing, and I'm coming up blank for topics. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

Without further ado. Here's Wyatt's birthday pictures.

Just hanging out in the yard waiting for daddy to come home so we could start the party.

The cupcake and smashcake

Wyatt gets to see his cake for the first time. I really wish I was able to catch his expression because it was priceless! Too bad I had the wrong angle.

Mmm. Smashcake!

Yummy frosting

Ta-da! I'm all messy and ready to open presents.


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