Sunday, May 13, 2012

Essential Presence

Em over on Pagan Presence is a lovely crafty witchy lady who did a giveaway. The prize was a choice of three different food scrubs. I was the lucky winner and I picked the Lavender & sweet orange foot scrub. I must say, it smells good enough to eat. Even my  husband commented that he thought it smelled great. Which is an accomplishment because he hates the scent of all my skin care products.

I used the scrub last night on my feet and my arms. They are nice and smooth and no more dry skin. Yay for being able to wear sandals without the worry of someone staring at my cracked feet. Though I do have a tip for you. If you are fair skinned like I am and dumb enough to be outside the entire day without sunscreen, don't use the scrub on your sun burns. It really doesn't feel good! Though my arms are smooth. Whats a little pain for beauty right? lol

If you'd like to try these scrubs out for yourself you can visit Essential Presence Etsy Store.  Drop by Em's blog and follow her page. I'm sure she has some interesting skin care products in the works. Maybe if we ask nicely she'll do another giveaway. :)


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