Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life Without Mom

You ever wonder how life would go on without a mother in  your life? I'm pretty sure I could survive without my own mother. But I don't believe my family would survive without me. As a matter of fact, I fully believe they'd be lost.

Morpheus - The Dream by ~Shelob-

Not that I have any wish to go anywhere. But once in awhile I need a mommy break. So my routine is after dinner I take a 1-2 hour nap while everyone else is doing their own thing in the living room. If I didn't do this I'd be one very cranky witchy momma - which is not a pretty sight.

Mainly DH plays on Facebook, my DD watches TV, and my little man gets in trouble. Yesterday he got in particularly big trouble. See my daughter thought it would be nice to give my toddler son his sippy bottle. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, however my son has discovered he can make puddles of water if he bends the nipple on the sippy. He did this yesterday, on top of the cable box. Needless to say it was toast. Thankfully no major catastrophe happened. But I had to go buy a new cable box for my MIL. Ah the joys of parenting!

It makes me wonder during my little rendezvous with sweet sweet Morpheus if my children aren't just on their own. Obviously some lack of supervision happened yesterday. While I'd like to put all blame squarely on my husbands shoulders, I know it won't do any good because he is who he is and its futile for any woman to try to change a man.

Still, I hope some lesson has come out of this. For one, get a new sippy that doesn't leak (IF they exist). Two, find a new place for the cable box.


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