Friday, March 1, 2013

Assertive Magick

Kara Kay on My Pagan Opinions has done a video on curses and hexes. She's inspired me to write on this subject. Before I talk about my views, lets watch her video.

Kara talks about curses being nothing more than negative energy that you accept because you are not centered. You've allowed the negative energy to affect you. I absolutely agree, even though I am guilty of doing just that from time to time. Nobody is perfect all the time imo. I am a very sensitive empath. If I am not shielding yes I'll feel every one's emotions and I find it harder to do that when I am exhausted.

Kara also makes an analogy of defensive and offensive driving in regards to energy. There are times when you cannot avoid negative energy. It comes at you whether you like it or not. So what is a witch to do when avoidance techniques do not work? Well that's where Assertive magick comes into play.

Years ago I was a supervisor of a printing company. One of my employees came to me and asked if I could curse her ex-boyfriend who was stalking her. She knew I am a witch but didn't exactly know "the rules" or specifics. I of course refused. After giving it some thought though, I knew that I could help her in a way.

What I did was create a magickal "booby trap". In my spell it was worded so that nothing would happen to the ex-boyfriend if he chose to leave her alone. If he chose not to leave her alone, his own negative actions resulted in the negativity to be turned on himself.

Within two hours of making a threatening phone call to my friend, he was in jail. It was a separate charge that the county did not see fit to arrest him for until that day. It had nothing to do with stalking, but the result was that he had to leave her alone while he dealt with his legal matters. 

Because his own actions were the negative force, I nor my friend had sent out negativity, so we were not "cursing", but protecting by using an assertive spell.

Note that assertive is not aggressive. It is to make a stand with confidence but not violence. You maintain control and never go against your ethics even if its tempting. Harming/cursing someone is always wrong and even as a last ditch effort, will still result in negative karmic return.


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