Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seeds of Change: Fertility Rite.

Since we are close to spring time, and spring means fertility, I thought I'd share a few words I wrote to bring fertility to me. At the time I was coming off  birth control and I used this rite to urge my body to release the chemicals and return to a fertile state.

I am no longer in the baby making business, but there are other types of fertility. Perhaps you wish to plant the seed for change or opportunity. Whatever your purpose, here are a few words I hope will inspire you with your own fertility rite.

Cleansing thought are what is needed,
to purge my body of chemicals no longer needed.

Freshness of body,
Freshness of mind,
Freshness of spirit that intertwines.

When all is said and done,
Fertility shall be mine.

So mote it be.  


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Blessed Be,