Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do You Prefer Snuffed or Blown?

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Would you rather be snuffed or blown? If you're a man, you're probably thinking blown. *wink*

In this case I am speaking about your ritual candles. There are certain "rules" that some say one must follow to extinguish candles. (I.E. One must snuff a candle out to properly extinguish it) I however, being Eclectic and hating rules that says what I must do... do not follow this rule.

I've heard all the reasons why snuff is better.
  • You shouldn't put one element out with another.
  • You'll upset the Gods
  • It will ruin your built energy. 
 I say, HOG WASH. 

I extinguish my candles with my breath, which is an extension of my energy. As I blow toward the candle I think about my intent. My breath transforms the flame into smoke, which then carries my intent away to spirit. I think of it as an extra boost of energy at the end of the ritual. I've certainly never experienced a drop in energy I have raised. Nor have I been spanked by the Gods for some slight I've caused.

Incidentally, if a candle refuses to be blown out, I take it as a sign that the work is not finished. I leave it burning. ;) When all is said and done though, I don't think it matters which one you chose to do.

This question came up when I was talking about my son yesterday. He's watched us do rituals and loves to try to blow candles out. :)  At Inanna's yesterday he tried his best to blow out the candle. Though at Inanna's they do snuff out rather than blow.

Do you prefer to snuff or blow? Why or why not?


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