Friday, March 8, 2013

Children & The Spiritual World.

Wyatt says, "HI!"
Our children were spirits before conception and partially during their gestation. That is why when children are young, they are more connected to the spiritual world. They don't just stop seeing spirits when they are born. How often have you seen a baby coo at a specific spot around them? Or have a "imaginary friend" only he or she can see? That's because they can still see and communicate with spirits in a way that older children and adults have lost over time. Unless of course you've worked to maintain that connection with spirit.

I noticed my son communicating with a spirit today. As I was trying to get him to lay down for his afternoon nap, and failing miserably, he was laying back and talking to someone above him. He kept saying the same things over and over. Though my son is almost 2 most of his words are garbled and only recognizable by close family. Some words are very clear though. He kept saying something that sounded like "mop". I think what he was trying to say is Bob. He kept shrugging his shoulders and saying "don't understand" as well. The understand part was a bit garbled again, but I could make it out with his expressions. Finally he got frustrated and held out his hand in a "go away" motion and said "Stop" very clearly. I think there was more than one spirit because he kept looking and pointing at two places in the room. You know how spirits sometimes talk all at once? Well that's what I think was happening.

I don't believe I know a Bob. At least I can't think of one right off hand. I wish I knew what they wanted. I definitely felt them there after I took the time to open up and feel them. But they have no interest in talking with me. Perhaps they are Wyatt's spirit guides. Whatever the case, I hope that he will retain this ability to communicate into his adult life. Of course we'll be there to guide and teach him how to handle spiritual encounters should he wish to learn.

My daughter use to speak with spirits in our household when she was younger as well. However as she grew older and focused more on the physical, she lost the ability. That's true for most people.

I remember my own childhood seeing, hearing and talking with spirits. There was a small girl always around me. She kept me safe when I would wonder too far from home. Remember these were the early 80's. Moms didn't hover over their kids then. I was aloud to go outside and play without supervision as long as I checked in at lunch and home by dinner. I often wondered a mile or so away from home and knew exactly how to get back.

There came a point in my life where I told my grandparents about my "friend" and I was told that she didn't really exist. After that I don't remember ever seeing a spirit again until I was about 15 and opening up again to Pagan ideals and learning that what I believed had a name; Wicca.

Have your children communicated with Spirits or have an Imaginary friend? 

Do you remember doing the same as a child?


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