Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kids, Men, Women, & The Divine Feminine

 Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away. Barbara De Angelis

Wow today has been a long, but good, day. We went to Inanna's Spiritual center today. I tried to sneak away all by myself. Because I'm stuck at home with two kids most of the time, I really wanted alone time. But that wasn't to be. Sierra kept begging to go and I know Lance wouldn't have liked to sit here by himself either. So we end up all going. We had a good time. The topic for today's service was Women's rights and the rise of the Divine Feminine.

I have mixed feelings about the service. On one hand I think its a good thing to encourage our women to stand up for women's rights. We haven't finished fighting for equality. However there was a little bit of man bashing going on. So while I do agree lets keep fighting for equality, make sure we're not going overboard and putting men down. Some of the comments from the congregation were along the lines of, "Women rule the roost and reap all the rewards," and that just isn't healthy. It should be a collaborative effort. We all know there must be a balance to male and female energy. One is not above the other.

*   *   *   *

During the service Wyatt was a pain in the butt, and my DH was helpful enough to take him outside and let him calm down for a while. He was tired and had a night terror yesterday so he was being extra rambunctious. He wanted to touch everything and tried to blow out the chalice candle. lol He's learned from me doing rituals at home that I let him blow out the candle when we're done, so he thought he would get to do it there too. I tried to nurse him to sleep but Wyatt wasn't cooperating and there was one guy there that always creeps me out. He stares at me when I feed Wyatt. I am covered by the way, but Wyatt keeps pulling the cover back. So I just gave up on that idea.

*   *   *   *  

After we left Inanna's we went to eat and then to Goodwill. Let me just say, I'd spend all our money there if I could. lol. I did end up finding a lot of great stuff. I found 6 metal candle molds for $10. You ever find a deal you just couldn't pass up? Well that was me today. I started to not get them because I don't have my candle making supplies. I left it in Kentucky with my mom. But that deal was just too good. So I bought them. Come to find out my MIL had paraffin wax. So she gave it to me, two whole blocks full, which retail for about $20 each. Score! I don't have everything yet to make candles, but hopefully when we receive our tax return we'll visit my mother in KY and get my supplies. Or else I'll end up buying some. That will be my splurge.

Then I found a book on Magickal Names at Goodwill. It's not a book I'd be interested in reading and I thought about doing a book giveaway on here again, but in the end I chose to donate the book to Inanna's. They have a growing library and I think it's needed there.

I also found a book for me to read. It's a Sookie Stackhouse book. Hey I love those southern vampire's. ;) I know I've read the book before but twice is always nice too.

Then to top it off, Wyatt went to bed on his own! Which is why I get to be writing you lovely readers at 11pm instead of 12 or 1am. Life is good when you don't have to deal with your toddlers night time tantrums.

So that was my day, how about yours?


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