Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Sky is Falling!

I follow a lot of blogs so I open my Google reader many times per day. I try to read them all even if I don't comment on every one. I opened my reader today and see a notice saying Google is doing away with the reader soon. This makes me sad, hence why the title. :( I downloaded another reader called FeedDemon, but I'm not sure how good it is yet and I appear to not have all my feeds transported from Google. If anyone has suggestions on a better rss reader, please let me know.

For those who haven't liked my blogs Facebook page, do so now so you can make sure you keep up to date on my posts.

Today my daughter said, "Mom I am glad we don't live back when they didn't have electricity." I can relate. Our apartment building was having some electrical work done so we went 5 hours without electric. So what's a writing witch to do when she has no distractions? Write of course!

Head on over to The Wiccan Pen and read my new story, Destined to Love: Prologue and Chapter One. If you love hunky men who happen to howl at the moon then you'll love this story. ;)

Mommy moment of the day: Sierra fed Wyatt chocolate pudding which he proceeded to wipe all over my couch. So Sierra got some vinegar mixed with water to clean it up. Wyatt threw a fit and wanted to drink what she had. Sierra tried to keep it away from him. Finally I said, "Just give it to him." I wish I had a camera then, because my son gagged and raced to me with the most awesome face a mothers ever seen. hehe. I'll be telling that to all his future girlfriends. Maybe now he's learned a lesson. Be careful what you wish for. ;)

How did your day go?


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