Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Combining faith in marriage

A lot of Pagans face a difference of opinion between their spouse in regards to religion. Unless you were lucky enough to find your significant other in a Pagan community, your spouse most likely doesn't see completely eye to eye with you. That is fine, we don't have to agree. I got lucky enough to find a man who is somewhat close to what I believe. Matter of fact he helped shape some of my ideals. But we don't believe exactly.

Now for myself, I classify as a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan. My DH however does not like to classify himself at all. He simply calls himself spiritual. At one time he studied most major religions, and a few not so major ones. He wanted to become a Native American Shaman but the Shaman he wanted to study under refused. So while he's learned some things about Shamanism, he is not technically a Shaman.

Combining Wicca & Shamanism isn't all that hard. They both believe in a male and female incarnation of deity. I work mostly with Isis. But I do not have a major draw to any male deity so we use The Great Spirit for when we work with the male aspect of deity.

Do you find it difficult to combine your religion and your So's? How do you reconcile your differences in belief?

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  1. My OH has no religion and isn't the least bit spiritual, but he has been very understanding and accepting of my path. He is also quite curious so while I can't properly share it with him I am happy to talk about things and practice my path with him around. He even observed a ritual I did last year.



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