Friday, July 29, 2011

Writing Prompt: Magic Item

Prompt: While shopping at a second hand store (garage sale, thrift shop, ect...) your Main Character buys something, only to discover that is has some sort of power. Write about the object, what does it do, and how does it change the MC.

I'd spotted it a mile away. The sign said garage sale, everything must go. I felt elation at finding something so late in the day. This wasn't even my normal way to go home after work. I had just felt like taking the long scenic way home. There, at the front of the garage was a statue of a horse. He was beautiful. Ever since I was a small girl I collected statues of horses. They are so majestic. They remind me to be a free spirit. This one was all white with gold hooves and the outline of wings laying flat against its body. I pull into the driveway and approach the statue.
It has a chip in it, but the broken piece was laying at the foot of the horse. It was its ear, poor horse. He deserved a little tlc. That I could give! The proprietor approached and said,
"You can have that old thing. I was going to trash it honestly. I don't like it. My wife never let me sell it. But we divorced so I can finally get rid of it."
"Oh I think its lovely Sir. I'll take it."
When I got home I raced to my nightstand to grab the tube of glue I knew I had stashed there. A few minutes later I had the ear attached. He was still missing something though. The hooves were so colorful but the rest of him is just a dull white. Thats it, he needs color! I raced to the craft store and bought a set of paints. I spent all night long painting my horse. What shall I call him? As his colors began to reveal how beautiful he is, I thought about Painted Liberty as his name. It sounds perfect!
A flash of blue, gold, bright white and black flashed before me. One moment Painted Liberty was a beautiful statue, the next he is a live Pegasus and he had grown!
"What is your name friend?"
I looked around quickly but saw no one. Yet I knew I had heard a clear voice. I looked back at the Pegasus. Again I heard in my mind, "Your name?"
"I'm Kira. How are you... are you real?"
"You restored me by repairing my ear, you loved me by making me beautiful, and you named me. I have been waiting many years for someone to bring me to life. Thank you Kira." Painted Liberty said.

"Your welcome. I always wanted a horse but my parents always said no."
"Get on, we'll take a ride. Though you need to hold tight, were going up." the Pegasus said.
"Oh I don't think we should do that Liberty. I'm afraid of heeeiights."
Painted Liberty spread his beautiful gold and white wings. He reared and moved his wings and I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew we were above my house and I was holding on for dear life. Within a few minutes we were above the clouds, which was probably a good thing considering seeing a woman on a flying horse might give a few people heart attacks if they could see.

"Liberty, Can I keep you?"
"Yes Kira, we are going to be friends for a very long time. During the day I will be a statue in your home. At night, we will explore this world, perhaps help a few people along the way. We will be free spirits together through life."
"That my friend, sounds perfect."

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