Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Witch hunts didn't just kill Women

Our view of The Burning Times are women, some young some old, being accused and hung or burned at the stake. However our view is a bit skewed. When we think Witch, most either think of a warted old hag with a pointy hat, or they think wise woman.
But history doesn't talk a lot about the men who died in the name of Witchcraft. Take the Salem Witch Trials for example. Because I have an ancestor who was one of the victims of the Salem hysteria I've done my bit of research on what happened. Most who think of the trials think of Tituba, who was the female slave who dabbled in divination with the girls. Some of the women who died were Rebecca Nurse, Bridget Bishop, or Susannah Martin, who is my ancestor. But the men equally gave their lives and should not be forgotten. Giles Corey who refused to enter a plea so therefore was pressed to death. Or John Proctor and George Burroughs. If you research history you will find many men who were accused and executed for witchcraft. Please don't forget them! When we forget history, we tend to repeat it.


  1. Oh I know about the guy who was pressed to death. And John Proctor who got hanged because of that harlot Abigail. Didn't know about the third guy. We watched The Crucible in 11th grade English after reading the story/play of it. I remember in 8th grade something about they suggested bread mold made all the accusers nuts.

    1. Yes I've heard of the mold theory. You'd think someone so interested in the witch trials would have watched The Crucible, but I haven't!



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