Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A message of hope

This is an older meditation I had actually done awhile back. But its a good reminder.

This morning I woke up in a very bad mood. My theme sentence for the day was going to be "I don't wanna". So I lit my candle, burned my sage, and turned on my favorite morning meditation. Excuse me if I do not spell it right. Its a native American morning song I've posted on here before. Its words are Win de ya ho.
Anyway, as I was meditating I was introduced to a goddess of hope. She wasn't all that clear to me. But she was beautiful with dark hair and a loving nature. A nurturer by heart. She was feeding the poor and unhealthy. She showed me people who were in despair. She was spreading hope.
Here is the message for today. When your dreams are shattered, there is always hope. Hopes and dreams sound synonymous, but they are not. Dreams are your goals you are fairly certain are attainable, however high you set them. Hope is when that goal is too high even for you to believe it will happen.
But there are miracles, and there is hope. Don't give up. When intellectually you are certain life has kicked you one too many times, rely on hope to pick you back up.

Blessed Be.


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