Thursday, July 21, 2011

Salem's Elemental Meditations: Water

One of the tools for spiritual growth that I really think is essential is meditation. Meditation is versatile. You can do it several ways, for however long you want and it will have an impact upon your day. Whether you can meditate for 5 minutes or an hour every day meditation will help you in your life.

One meditation I like to do is an Elemental Meditation. This is taking the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and incorporating them into your meditation. My favorite is water because its so easy to do.

Most people take showers either at the beginning or end of their day. This works either way. For the morning your focusing on bringing the positive into your day, for the evening showers your focusing on letting go of the negative feelings/events that happened that day.

During your shower just stand under the spray. Make sure your water is comfortable. Too hot or too cold can ruin your focus. If you have a small water heater it may be best to do this before you wash your hair. If your not worried about using all the hot water, you can do this after you've finished washing.

To begin, start with breathing exercises. Just focus on breathing in and out. Open your mouth slightly for air to pass. Do this till you are focused then move to relaxing your toes. Give them a wiggle or two. Then focus on your calves and feel how the water runs down your legs. Then move upward to your hips and thighs. Notice how the water warms your muscles. Move your focus up to your belly, your chest, your shoulders and back, and finally your head. Each time focusing on how the water is warm and relaxing. Acknowledge what you feel is right in your life. Now is the time to thank whatever deity you believe in for this blessing. Allow the water to carry this blessing with it to the Universal Energy/God. Next acknowledge what you feel is wrong in your life, and how you would like it to change. Allow the water to carry this wish with it to the Universal Energy/God.
Again do your breathing exercise. Each time focusing on  your head to your toes. Relaxing your body and letting go of the worlds stress. The water is replenishing. It washes away negative energy so we can focus on the positive in our life.

I hope you enjoy this meditation as much as I do!
Blessings, Love, & Light,


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