Sunday, July 24, 2011

Missing my dog

Kota Blue Storm
Kota is my 7 yr old blue merle rough collie. She's like a second, more furrier daughter to me. She's my baby-dog and I really really miss giving her kisses on her cold black nose. See we've gone through a lot of changes since December. Dh lost his job, we moved to Ohio, and now we are living with my MIL. We have yet to find another job. DS was just born in May. Just too many things going on and no way to care for my dog. My mother has her and I know she is ok. Though no one can provide for my dog like I can (Or use to! )
Me & Kota
I can't afford her usual diet. Kota is allergic to corn so she normally is on a grain free food. My mother cannot afford that so Kota's skin is broken out. I feel so bad that she's itchy and I can't do much about it. My mother gives benadryl but that doesn't help much. I just can't wait till we are past this change in our life and we are finally able to bring Kota home.


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