Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Unclear Path

While looking through my BOS (Book of Shadows) I came across this poem I wrote May 12th, 2007. I don't remember writing it. But as I read it I realize its a good fit for me now, and I like it! So here it is.

The Unclear Path

Mystic fog so thick and true,
only a light to guide me through. 

As I walk the path of fog, 
mystic forces walk along. 

Hand in hand Spirit guides me,
along this path set before me. 

No fear shall enter my mind today, 
the light shall guide the fog away. 

And at the end of this Mystic path, 
brightness of mind and spirit I can have. 

So now I walk with no fear in me, 
for I have the Mystics power within me. 

So Mote it Be


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Blessed Be,