Friday, July 22, 2011

Salem's Elemental Meditations: Fire

Fire is one of my most favorite elements. Its an element of passion, focus, dance, music and energy. It never fails to bring out the passion in life. Since the beginning of man we have been staring into fires and sometimes seeing the beyond. Whether you can build a huge bon fire or have a small candle, you can do a fire meditation.

I'm mostly a solitary Wiccan practitioner, but once in while my family and I join up with a coven. I always look forward to the evening when we sit around the bon fire and the young and energetic dance to the beat of the drums. I don't dance, and I don't drum. But I do sit and watch and meditate. The flames focus my mind. It takes me on a journey of passion, of music, of freedom.

The next time you find yourself alone at night. Turn off all the lights and light a candle. Sit and stare at the flame. Allow your mind to relax. Do your breathing exercises. Relax your muscles one by one. If your mind wonders to mundane things bring it back to the flame. Notice how it twists. How it grows bright, and then a little dull again. Think of your passions in life. You may even find the flame taking on a certain shape. Are there areas in your life where you should let go? Are you uncertain about a decision you need to make? Perhaps you've been too restrained in life and need to just dance. Focus on the topic and allow your mind to go over the issue and possible outcomes. Enjoy the passion of fire and bring it into your life daily.

I hope you enjoy meditating with fire as much as I do.
Blessings, Love, & Light,

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