Friday, February 10, 2012

C is for Cold

So I hadn't really planned my second C blog this week. Honestly since Tuesday I've felt like a toasted shit sandwich. I'm starting to wonder if I need the help of someone who has taken online nursing classes. It makes it even worse since I breastfeed and hate to take any medication.  I did break down and take a little Theraflu today. I suppose it was a good thing that my new job is doing an audit this week, which meant they chose I start work next week. I just hope I feel better by Monday. Regardless I'll go because lets be honest you can't call in sick your first day of work. So even if I felt like I was on my deathbed I'd go.

I take vitamin c when I'm sick, but other than that I'm leery of taking herbs when breastfeeding. Some of them are not baby friendly. I'd rather not take the chance. Not to mention even if I wanted to I couldn't afford them.

Sorry if my thoughts sound jumbled. I'm kind of out of it for now.

What do you do for a cold?


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