Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sleep Deprived

I nap a lot during the day, especially when DH is home. Right now he's between job assignments so he's home a lot. Which is good and bad. The good is that I can catch up on sleep sooner, the bad is that I'm going nuts and just wish he'd go find a job. DH was going to go to London which is about 2 hrs drive away to put in applications yesterday. But yesterday morning he said there was snow on the ground [That melted before I woke up] and he didn't know if it was going to snow again so wanted to stay home. I checked the news and told him no snow predicted, but somehow that didn't change his mind.

I know my husband has a mental illness. I know he has some anxiety about going back to work. But this can't go on! I call bullshit on his snow excuse. Every time he says he's going to go looking there's always a reason not to go. He did go to the next town over and put him a few applications. That took less than an hour. Then he was back home playing on the computer and doing nothing. And ya know what, that mysterious snow storm no one predicted but him, never came.

OK sorry I'm ranting. I've just had lack of sleep and disappointed in everything. Wyatt will not sleep in his bed tonight. I don't know why but sometimes he just refuses to sleep in his playpen.

He goes through these days where he sleeps just fine in it, the next he wants to be held or sleep next to me all night long. Those nights are exhausting and I've pretty much given up on getting any sleep right now. Though Wyatt is happily asleep next to me on the couch. I bet if I moved him to his bed he'd be awake in 2 seconds flat.


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