Saturday, February 25, 2012

Emergency Smudge

Today while visiting with my friend who runs the Inanna Spiritual Center in Chillicothe, OH she had a visitor come in off the street. Normally this isn't a problem and is a welcome experience. However once in awhile someone who is less than desirable walks in. Today unfortunately was one of those days. So I found myself in need of an emergency smudge.

I've talked before about how to spiritually protect your person, but your surroundings also need to be cleansed when you've had a visitor that leaves their energy behind that isn't healthy. In today's instance we had a slightly judgmental visitor. Her energy was all over the place and very chaotic. I know she is very much confused on many issues and hopefully the talk she had with Lynn will help her find her way.

Unfortunately because of the street visitors energy we missed an opportunity to help someone else dealing with depression. Lynn had come to find me to "volunteer" my services as a spiritual counselor, but in all the confusion the person left. I'm sure the atmosphere caused by the street visitor was only making this persons depression worse. Hopefully they will come back and Lynn will be able to help, though I would have liked the chance to make a difference today. I just hope wherever she went, she finds the help she is seeking.

After that I decided the place needed an energy cleanse. So I borrowed some sweet grass (I would normally use Sage but it was unavailable, so this was the next best alternative.) from Lynn and smudged everyone who wished as well as the building. I'm sure it will need it again soon, but at least today I left the place feeling a little better.

I think in the future, I should carry a little emergency spirit pack. I can see where it would be useful to carry a stick of sage and perhaps a few favorite crystals as well.

What else should go in an emergency spirit pack? I'd love to hear your ideas.


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