Friday, February 17, 2012

Prompt: The Runes

Prompt: The Runes

Bringing back an old post, one that received no replies, and one that is very important to me right now....

The Runes
Wooden runes burned by hand

 Do you use them?
Which set of runes do you use (if something other than the Elder Futhark)?
How do you use them (divination, magic, as an alphabet for writing, etc)?

If you do not know/use the runes, are you interested in it?
What is keeping you from exploring them?

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~Magickal Graphics~
Actually, the only tarot deck I own is a Rune tarot deck. It is the first and only tarot deck I've bought for my personal use. I like it because its simple. It doesn't have a billion cards I need to memorize meanings of, and it allows me to begin a reading and let my intuition pick up the rest. I tried rune stones around the same time I bought the deck, but found the cards were easier for me to connect with. 

I use them mostly when I am confused and need some guidance, as well as use them during ritual if I want to bring about a certain result. (IE: I'll use the harvest card if I am wanting to harvest something new in my life.) 


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