Friday, February 24, 2012

PBP: Death

I've been pretty uninspired by the letter D. So I guess I'll just fall back on a simple topic and see what becomes of it.

Most people fear Death and I suppose I have a healthy dose of wanting to live just like everyone else. But I don't feel that we should avoid death at all costs. I have respect for those who know they are dying and don't put their whole family in major debt just to live. I wouldn't want my final expenses to run into the many thousands just to die anyway. I understand the want to live, but honestly is it worth spending thousands of dollars for 1-5 more years of life?

Then there's the thought that nature has her own time table. I'm not saying we should never take medicine or cure illnesses and disease. But at some point you have to realize death is inevitable. Isn't prolonging the inevitable a fools goal? It is to me.

What about you? If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness with no hope of a cure, would you strive to seek any treatment to delay death no matter the costs or would you enjoy the time you had left?


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Blessed Be,