Saturday, February 4, 2012

Turning the Tide

So I have some interesting news. Today I received a letter stating we are being sanctioned. Despite the fact that DH did what our case worker told him to do, we will not receive TANF for a month. That sucks, because I know DH has been working his ass off. We can protest it, which we will, but the case worker wasn't there today so it will have to wait till Monday.

But that may not matter since I also had a job offer not 30 minutes after reading the letter. I go for a drug test and orientation today. I'll be basically the office help. Not sure what else because the lady was pretty vague on the job description. But I hope this is another step in turning the tide. We need this change, though the momma in me screams NO because I don't want to leave my sons side. I know he's going to have a rough time transitioning and if I'm being honest so will I.
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How was everyone's Imbolc? I bet your just as eager as I to see the coming Spring. I spent the day crocheting a little bag for my daughter. Her school makes Valentines boxes but they are so generic. She wanted something special so I decided a little white hand bag with a cute red heart would be perfect for all her Valentines cards. I'm not sure if her teacher will allow her to use it in school, but she can transfer them to the bag after she's out of school. Or she can use the bag for something else. Its very cute but unfortunately the batteries in my mouse died so I stole a battery out of my camera. I have some other creations I've yet to photograph as well I'd like to share. 


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