Monday, February 13, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Back

I feel like a Yo-yo. Just when I think I am finally crawling out of this hole something happens to push me back down. I announced a week ago that I had a new job. I was feeling pretty good about it. I was told it was a data entry position. I was informed that I'd have some data gathering responsibilities that would require me to enter the manufacturing facility. When I told the staffing agency that I have Plantar Fisciitis Inflammation and that I can't be on my feet for long they said no problem. I wouldn't be on my feet longer than 2 hrs at a time to gather data. That amount of time would cause my feet to become a little sore, but not debilitating.

I suppose after the staffing company sent me to two interviews for a clerical position and it turned out to be a factory job that I shouldn't be surprised that the description for this job was completely wrong.

But let me back up for a minute. At 5 am this morning I woke up feeling great. At last a job to help move us out of MIL's home and get us off assistance. I took my shower and did a quick Water meditation , ate breakfast, breastfed my son, and said goodbye to my family.
As I was driving out of the parking lot I see a nice fury bunny hopping out of my way. I smiled and thanked the bunny for reminding me of Spring and new beginnings. That moment was unfortunately the happiest moment of my day.

I arrive at work only to be informed that they don't have a working computer for me. The one they have is broken. I basically shadowed the other worker who does the same job all day long. Which was fine, it was a learning experience after all. However one of the very first thing my boss informs me of is that the staffing agency always tells people its a data entry job. While there is some data entry, it is far from a "data entry job". Most of the job entails walking the whole day in the manufacturing plant gathering data, learning how each station does their job and then writing directions on how the job is done for their instruction booklets. Pictures of parts are taken so it guides the user should a reference be needed. Its relatively easy once you have the information you need. But my feet just won't let me walk that much all day long. The data entry part maybe takes up an hour of my time a day. And that isn't at one sitting. Its 20 minutes here, another 30 there.

I stuck out the day, but by the end I could barely walk and I couldn't keep up with my trainer. She was having to slow her pace to wait for me which isn't fair to her.

When I got home I hugged my husband, picked my baby up and gave him a kiss and then told them I can't do it. I was trying to talk myself into at least sticking out 3 days, which is my normal time I give any job before I decide if I like it or not. But I had my doubts I could stand the 3 days. The decision was taken out of my hands when the staffing agency called some 30 minutes later and informed me that the client called and didn't want me to return because they couldn't accommodate my needs [In regards to me not being able to stand long hours].

I just feel like a complete failure. I hate to tell MIL I was fired the same day. I don't want to disappoint her. I know its not technically my fault.  I did inform them of my restrictions. But that doesn't make it OK to me. I wish I could have done the job. 

Its for the best they called to fire me, but dammit when are we going to get a break?! I hate being on assistance and it seems like the system is set up to keep you on it. I'm thinking about maybe going back to school. I'll call around and see where the closest campus are nearby and see what I could major in. Whatever it is, it will have to require I be able to sit!

P.S., I was very proud of me. I asked my boss where I could pump breast milk and she told me she'd show me the bathroom. I immediately told her that would not do because it is unsanitary. She blinked, then understood and we figured out a better place. I pumped 4 oz today. Wyatt still won't drink from a bottle or sippy but will eat oatmeal and mashed potatoes all day long. So his milk just goes into his food. He was very happy to see momma when I got home and we had some extra snuggle time.

P.P.S., I came home to find that my brother-in-law brought his little baby over. You can really tell that Wyatt and little Joe are cousins. They look almost identical. And my husband is a very smart man, but give him a camera and he'll take 4 short videos before he figures out that he has to change the settings! lol You can hear him saying, "Why didn't it flash!". Um, because your taking a video silly man! Hehe.

Little Joe (left) and Wyatt (right)


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