Saturday, July 21, 2012

1 Year Anniversary!

A year ago today I decided to make my own blog. At first I said "Salem's Creations" was just a temporary name. I didn't think it really fit with the theme I wanted my blog to be. Over time I left it as is and I think its served my blogs purpose well. I originally created a blog because Cafemom was changing their journals so that no one could really see them unless they specifically went to the persons profile. I'm so glad to a few fellow bloggers that gave me the idea of opening Salem's Creations. I hope this past year I've taught a bit about Eclectic Wicca and learned more about myself and other bloggers faith as well.

Happy Anniversary Salem's Creations!

For those who regularly follow my blog, what was the first blog post of mine you read? What blog post of mine was your favorite?


Your comments encourage me to keep writing! Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

Blessed Be,