Sunday, July 1, 2012

Young Love

Well here it is at 2a.m and I am thinking about my hubby, Lance. He's asleep and I can't join him because a certain daddies little girl has stolen my place. Magaly from Pagan Culture would like us to talk about our relationship beginnings for Art, Passion and Heart-told tales. If I told you everything I'd have to break this into two parts. So here's a shorter version. (I hope).

Lance in his younger years. On stage with his band.
Lance and I grew up together. I am 10 yrs younger than him. He remembers when I was born. He played games with me as a little girl and when I was about six I remember him staying the night with us and me following him around like a little puppy dog. Even then ladies I was in love. He treated me kindly. Though my brother was less than courteous and always telling me to leave. Lance and my brother would go in the bedroom and I'd be left out. So not right for my little puppy dog loving self.

Fast forward a few years and my family moved to Kentucky. I didn't get to see Lance for a few years and honestly, he wasn't on my mind everyday, but I never forgot him. At 14 yrs old, we received a phone call from him saying he had tired of his life in Ohio and wanted a change. He was invited to come to KY to stay with us. We wasn't sure when or even if he'd come. So that day driving home sitting in the middle of the old chevy pickup truck was an exceptional day.

I could see someone sitting in our chair at the front door when we got close to the house. As we got closer, ladies let me tell you my teen heart did a huge throb for this man. When I got to smell him, honey I could have died a happy young lady then. He was the most exciting thing to happen in my life at that point. I knew I wanted to get to know him all over again.

I got that chance for a couple of years. He would date women. Say the name Aimee and I might spew some hateful words. These "ladies" were not worthy of him IMO. Aimee is synonymous with stupid bitch to me. Several women he dated cheated on him and broke his heart. Each time I was there to comfort him and tell him he is loved. Though he hadn't quite realized how much just then.

He went on to date another woman named Cory. Cory was a hippy chick with a couple girls from a previous marriage. Lance may look tough on the exterior, but give him kids and he's just a big ol' teddy bear. He loved those girls and wanted to marry Cory. She was also a Wiccan midwife. Within the year Lance dated Cory, he learned a lot about his own spirituality. He met people in the Pagan community and formed friendships. I'd eventually have to be grateful to Cory for opening up a world that I also belonged to. Though it rankles my hide a bit to admit it. Perhaps she sensed that I was in love with Lance. Or maybe it was truly her selfish reason she gave him, but Cory left Lance. She said she wasn't ready for a man and that she needed to leave KY because of her midwife practice. (Midwifery without being certified is illegal in KY) Whatever her reasons, it opened up a doorway.

That year I was almost 16, and Lance was 26. He was even more devastated than he had been with Aimee. There I was again, picking up the pieces of his heart. I had matured as well. I just ended a 1 yr relationship with my first boyfriend. Our romantic relationship started slowly. Just talking about private things. Then went on to giving sensual massages and eventually even more.

Some people will say, "But you were a minor how could he!". Yes, I was a minor. I was a minor who knew what she wanted and went after it. Believe me he didn't make it easy to get what I wanted. We kept our relationship a secret for a year until my mother (oblivious to the goings on in her household) finally found us out. I'm not going into how it was found out because that is rather too personal, but lets just say I had a warning from a little green praying mantis friend. Being Pagan, I should have taken the warning to heart. I didn't.

Early in our relationship. I was maybe 19 or 20 here.
So here I was, at 17, my mother freaking out and saying one minute she was sending me to Ohio to live with my grandparents and threatening to call the police. I sat her down, and explained to her if she did that she'd not only hurt Lance, but me as well. I'm grateful that I had a mother who actually listened and understood my feelings. So she put some ground rules in place. I wasn't suppose to be "alone" with him. (Yeah right that worked out great. haha). After that, life went on almost as normal. Except now I got to date him out in the open. Finally a real date! We went out every chance we got.

OK when someone says "Kiss" we just can't help but laugh.
On my 18th birthday we moved out of my mothers place. On my 19th birthday we got married. Its almost 15 yrs later and I still feel that heart throbbing feeling every time he's near.

Its been a great time of joy. He makes me laugh and not take life so seriously. Our personalities balance and ground each other. Honestly our relationship is like no other. We don't fight. We've never had a problem we couldn't face together. He's truly the second half of my soul and I'd be lost without him.

The hat on DH's head says "Jingle this". DD's says "Princess". 

Our Family 2011.


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