Friday, July 20, 2012

PBP: Mercury Retrograde & The New Moon

Prompt: Mercury Retrograde and a New Moon

Mercury Retrograde stared 14 July and runs through 8 August.... But interestingly, the Retrograde started right before a New Moon.

Retrograde is a time for RE- reconsidering, re-evaluating, reviewing, reflecting, etc. While the New Moon is a time to start something new.

How do/can you balance these seemingly opposite energies?

Let's hear your thoughts on this unique overlap. How will this affect your life in this and coming weeks?


I actually don't see them as opposite energies at all. I don't know about others but every time I start something new there is always a re-evaluating, reflecting and reviewing of my choices to make sure it's the right choice for me. I'm a planner. I think of every possible outcome (and some very impossible ones) before I act. Sometimes I'm successful in predicting what will happen, other times I am not.

When I'm in the shower is when I do a lot of my reflecting. Last night I was thinking about several months ago when I had a job interview. I had my hair cut because I wanted to look my "best" and as a way to honor my new beginning. I didn't even think I'd not get the job. I went in with the attitude that I would be hired. I was that confident/cocky.

Thinking back, I think I was over-confident because I've honestly never not gotten a job I was qualified for and wanted. Times change though and I was not hired. It was then that I regretted cutting my hair. I know I've talked about my hair and how it's an extension of my energy in a past blog. When I cut it is a symbol of new beginnings. Of letting go of the old and stepping into and accepting change. Since then I have not cut it, and now I wish to let it grow as long as I can get it. It is a building of energy.

For now I do not feel it is my time to start something new. It's a time to prepare for a large change. So I continue to self-reflect and evaluate where I am going in life. Mercury Retrograde and the New moon combined is a perfect time to find that answer. So maybe change is closer than I think.


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