Thursday, July 19, 2012

Orange Peal Candle

So earlier this week I saw a Pinterest post on Facebook from one of my friends. It showed an orange made into a candle. You cut the candle in half leaving the pith (white part in the center) intact. Fill it with cooking oil and light.

So while at the grocery store this week I thought it would be neat to do this as a project with my daughter. I bought some nice oranges and me DD and DS had ourselves a little citrus picnic. If you use a spoon and cut around the outside edge you can pry the fruit out fairly clean and then fill one end with olive oil. You can also cut the other end into a shape and place it on top to make a nice little effect.

I must inform you at this time my DH, who is the only one with a lighter in this household, was at work. So I had to use toothpicks like a match. Thankfully we have a gas stove so I at least had a flame.

It took me three tries before I gave up lighting them with just my little "matches". These little makeshift candles do not light easily. I even covered the tip of the pith in the oil in hopes that would help light it faster, but it did not. It was probably because my makeshift match wasn't very strong and kept trying to go out on me.

So I waited until my lovely darling of a husband came home with the only household lighter. Ta-da. We got it lit. It's lovely while lit. I didn't smell anything while it was flaming which disappointed me because I hoped it would smell like citrus. The moment you blow it out it stinks like burnt oil. So I do not recommend using these indoors or for aromatherapy. 

I do however like the idea of burning them during Summer solstice. I just love the natural aspect of these candles. You can use other types of oil if you wish. Olive oil is just what I had on hand. I do recommend you put them in some sort of fireproof container. I used this small cast-iron skillet just for the test. The oil did leak through the orange a tiny bit after awhile. But this sat overnight so you probably won't be leaving yours sit so long.

If you have made candles out of other fruits or natural elements, what are they and in what ways do you like to use them in your Pagan rituals?


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