Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Little Rambling Doodles

When I'm bored I have a note pad and write anything that comes to mind. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone but me and honestly sometimes I don't even know what their about. I just write whatever words come to me. I thought I might share a few of them here with you. It shouldn't matter that you don't know what I'm writing about. Perhaps the words will still ring true to some aspect of your life. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and find something here worth your time.

  • The truth reveals what the heart believes. What is there is only sometimes seen.
  • Joy is my grandmother born anew. Joy is my deeds done in Lew.
  • Faithful is my heart with loves embrace. Mindful is my soul of heartaches kiss.
  • In a blaze of gray you inhabit my home. You attack my feet and cuddle my soul.
  • In the beauty of Belle you grace our life. Standing tall and strong like a mountains call.
  • Steed so white to blind your might. Lady so fair and hair so rare.
  • Unto grace I came and from grace I shall go.
  • Patience my mind and into my soul. A virtue seen but never to hold. Quiet my mind and still my heart. Breath so faint as the worlds do part.
  • A wish come true is a wish we dared to make.
  • Hope to fill the soul, the goddess' wings take hopes flight.
  • A husbands love is a souls mate. Recognition of self reflected therein.


Your comments encourage me to keep writing! Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

Blessed Be,