Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Unorthodox Spiritual Healing Methods

What lengths would you go to prevent or cure an illness? Most of us turn to modern medicine or herbs for healing before we seek out other less common methods. Some of us turn to energy or Reiki healing. What about the less common methods? There are healing methods that are rich in culture and tradition that perhaps we haven't heard of. Some may even turn your stomach sour. But do they have any place in your spiritual healing practice? Only you can decide.

While watching National Geographics Taboo episode on faith healing I learned of two unorthodox healing methods today. One I feel may have benefits, though there is an ick factor that many could not get past to try it. The other is rich in ritual and animal sacrifice. Something I think many of us would be squeamish about.

Method One: Urine Therapy

Pablo Falcon is a Native American healer and believer in using urine therapy. Every morning he drinks his own urine. I think every one's reaction at first would be disgust. But lets think about it in an academic way. It's true that our body knows it's about to be sick before we develop symptoms. Think about the common flu. Many get the flu shot each year in hopes of staving off illness. However the flu shot is just a best guess at what strain of the flu is likely to be rampant during the flu season. What if you could develop an immunity to the exact strain of flu that will go around? Our bodies make its own anti-bodies by fighting off small doses of the illness. Over time the immunity builds up. Urine is also said to aid in treating other illnesses like HIV/Aids, allergies, dandruff, diabetes, herpes, heart disease, rashes, and much much more.

Though I can see the benefits, I don't believe I'll be downing a glass of my own urine anytime soon. I have much more faith in modern medicine and herbs. Ask me again though if I should ever develop a disease modern medicine doesn't cure.

Incan Ritual/Animal Sacrifice

Moving onto the second healing practice. Inca or (Caraway) people have been doing animal/blood sacrifice for centuries. Today I watched a man on the Taboo episode rip apart a guinea pig with his bare hands and inspect its entrails to diagnose disease for his mentor. They also used animal fetus' as offerings to their Gods for good health, luck, etc...
Personally, I find this repulsive. I don't believe any deity would want you to kill one of their creatures as an offering. I also don't see how they make a correlation between inspecting entrails and making a diagnosis in a human. I can see this having a placebo effect if they are very devout believers though. Certainly prayer has its place in healing. I just can't agree with the killing of innocent animals. If you are going to make a sacrifice, I believe it must be personal. An animal is not personal enough to me unless it was a beloved pet, and even then I wouldn't do this. I'd be more willing to spill my own blood than an animals.

What unorthodox healing methods have you learned or seen? Have you tried or would you be willing to try one of these healing methods?


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