Monday, July 2, 2012

Grow my Pretty GROW!

Is it weird if I name a plant? I'm thinking of naming it George. When I was little, probably second or third grade, I had to make a pet rock. I drew a face on it and I had to come up with its personality and life goals and then present my new "friend" to class. Problem is it never occurred to me to name it. So when I stood up in class and the teacher asked what my friends name was I froze. Thankfully a kind girl in the class helped me along by mouthing "George" to me. So my pet rock became George. Ever since that day, any inanimate object is a George.

Am I a George?
I'm happy to report my seeds are sprouting. Every day I can see George is growing very well. I tend to him daily, sometimes more than once. I don't keep watering George but I just pick him up, turn him because after awhile the sprouts start to lean toward the window to get more light. Hopefully all this attention and loving care is helping my babies grow.

Do you name your plants? What are their names?


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