Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking for a breakthrough

This year has been nothing but road blocks and dead ends so far. Today we were going to go to Ohio. We applied for housing but need a background check. We wanted to avoid the approximate two weeks it would take to get them done by mail. (We can't use an online service, must come from KY State Police). We wired the money to my mother and she was going to have it done. However it seems you can't get a background check done without our signature. Which is weird since you can get a background check online as long as you have the persons info! See, road blocks. Ok fine, so we were going to go to KY and besides it gave us an excuse to let my mother see the baby. She's been dying to see Wyatt anyway.
Except our car needed to be tagged. We have another car we've been driving but we don't trust it to go all the way to KY. We do (Or did) trust the Lumina. So we tag it and come back home. But noticed the tail lights were not working again. That wasn't unusual. DH has been trying to figure out why they sometimes work and sometimes not. So he messes with it a bit and thinks he's fixed it. I go out to start it while he watches the back to see if they come on. Problem #2. The car doesn't start. WTF! So the trip was canceled and everyone was disappointed. I know there has to be a reason we have so much constraint in our life. I just wish we could hurry up and get our life together again. I know, patience is a virtue. But it wasn't a virtue I inherited. So I'm just a woman looking for a breakthrough!


  1. When I get keyed up about something I really do at times find it hard to be patient.

    I just love that picture!

  2. Thanks. That is part of a set of Rune Tarot cards. I have them and think their great. :)



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