Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Day Before T-Day

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So who doesn't know what to fix for dinner the day before Thanksgiving? I know I don't. Are you already cooking for T-Day? We are not. We decided it would be cheaper to just go to a restaurant for our holiday meal. Sure we miss out on all the leftovers, but at least there's no clean up! Do you decorate for the holidays on Thanksgiving or the day after? We never have! Honestly, I think preparing for Yule/Christmas before December is a bit...weird is the kindest word I can use. Maybe that makes me a Grinch. But I think all the decorations in the stores and Christmas movies on TV take away from the Thanksgiving holiday. Shouldn't Thanksgiving day have two or three isles of stuff to celebrate? And shouldn't it have it's own movie marathon?


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