Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recommended Reading

So while I'm sick I haven't really felt like doing a lot of writing myself. But I'm bored so thought I'd search for some reading to do. I found Obooko, which is a site that has lots of eBooks  for download. It looks like some are amature writers, some not. I've found most of the stories need to be edited for grammar and spelling. But if you can overlook a few minor errors the stories aren't half bad.

One series I am enjoying at the moment is called The Mating by Nicky Charles. There are three books in the series. I've completed the first and I'm still enjoying number 2, The Keeping. The Finding is the third and final in the series. I've yet to read it but I'm sure I'll get to it later today or tomorrow. If your wondering if these are legal downloads, never fear. Their website is on the up and up and is legal.

Another website that has free downloads is Harlequin. If your a sucker for romance like me, you really can't skip this website.

And lastly, I've found this site that has reviewed several websites offering free ebooks. I've not gone through all of them, so click beware. Maybe you'll find something of interest here.

Happy Reading! 


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