Friday, November 11, 2011

What a __ Day

Well I could fill in that blank with a lot of adjectives to describe my day. Sucky comes to mind; Disappointing another.

We started with a good plan. We'd visit my grandfather's grave, and then visit with DH's brother for a bit. We get to London where my grandparents are buried and I can't find my grandfather. I'm really not sure which cemetary he's in. But we did find my DH's grandfathers. One was surprisingly empty of beer bottles nearby. We know Dh's uncle is near if there are beer bottles on that grave.

Then we find my great granny. Finally something gone right!
Dh also found his maternal grandfather. This is the one Wyatt is named after. They share the same middle name, Eldon.

Then we get to see Dh's brother and well I'd rather not rehash a bunch of negativity. This post is negative enough without it. Needless to say DH is bummed and so am I. Wish I'd just stayed home.

Here's some pics of the graves though. Didn't get a picture of DH's paternal grandfather. He didn't want a picture. Yeah, that grandfather was one hell of a guy....NOT.

My Grandmother. Edna Pence

DH's maternal grandparents.


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